Are You Writing Perfect Letters?

Even before the tech inundation of email, text messaging, and the like, we enjoyed writing letters, posting them at the post box, and waiting anxiously for word back from the person we’d sent the letter to. When we did, it was like Christmas all over again! At least, I always have. Finding something to write

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#WriteAStoryChallenge – February 2017 Edition

*sniff sniff* Smell that? That’s love. Yep, we’re definitely crushing on writing during the #writeastorychallenge. You can join in on the fun this month too. Not sure if you’re up to writing a story? No problem! Use the prompts for journal writing or free writing. Actually, all that’s required is that you have fun and keep on

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Happy Word Nerd Day

Did you know that January 9th is Word Nerd Day? Yeah, I didn’t either. That’s okay, now that we know about it, we can celebrate it, right? Right! So, what’s a Word Nerd anyway? The Urban Dictionary has seven definitions but #3 is my favorite.