Trip the Light Fantastic

Trip the Light Fantastic

An FBI agent attempts to arrest a wily conman but finds that not all is as it seems. This is an introductory novella to the Heirlooms of Deception series.

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About the Book

Lance “Trip” Devereaux is an FBI agent in need of an arrest to put him in the top spot for a promotion. A plum – but difficult – assignment falls into his lap just before Christmas. He’s on the trail of the wiliest conman east of the Mississippi, Landry Crawford.

But instead of an arrest, Lance ends up with a concussion and taken in by Landry’s cousins, twins Sissy and Sassy. Never to let an opportunity slip by, Lance stays to get the goods on Landry. Instead, he becomes grudgingly fond of the old man.

It isn’t until his partner shows up and arrests Landry that Trip realizes that he might have made a mistake. It will take a miracle to get the old man out of jail and that’s what Trip gets. But then the problems really begin.

Trip, Landry, and the Twins are on the lam with nowhere to go and everything to lose. Will Trip be able to get them off scot free? Or will he be left out in the cold this Christmas?

About the Author
April Hayman

April Hayman is a child of God, a mother, wife, and storyteller. She has had a love affair with stationery, books, and fountain pens for a very long time.

Series: Heirlooms of Deception
Genre: Mystery
Tag: Recommended Books
Length: 163 pages
ISBN: 1537542575
List Price: 7.99
eBook Price: 3.99
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