How to Make a Bookworm Happy (Hint: It’s not books!)

Bookworms are a picky lot. We know what we like in books and we’re thankful – but not ecstatic – when someone gives us a book as a present. Especially if it’s in a genre or by an author we can’t stand. You could always give them an Amazon gift card because who am I kidding? I can always use one of those. But, if you really want to make a bookworm happy, give them a gift that speaks to their literary hearts.

The following bookish gifts are something I, personally, would love to receive (hint, hint family mine).

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Fountain Pens

How to Make a Book Worm Happy - Fountain PenFountain pens, paper, ink. It’s all about the art of writing, whether it’s a letter, a story, or today’s thoughts. If you’re like me, you write down what you read and why you read it. A fountain pen is a great gift to give the reader – and appreciator of all fine things – in your life. One of my favorite starter pens is a Pilot Metropolitan.

Not sure which pen to get? Check out the article I wrote 5 Most Recommended Fountain Pens for Beginners.

The Storymatic

Picayune Pen | Storymatic Game, tell a story one card at a timeParty games are fun but they take up precious reading time. There’s only twenty-four hours in a day, after all. But what would happen if you combine them? You get The Storymatic that’s what!

This game has over 500 story prompt cards and comes with a booklet full of ideas, games, and advice. Use it as a party game, a creative idea sparker, or as a writing exercise. There’s even a kid’s version!

Literary Postcards

I admit it. I’m a stationery snob besides being a book lover. My family has learned not to get me any paper products that don’t meet my high standards. I’m happy to report I found some cool postcards that fulfill my need for good stationery and love of literature.

Picayune Pen | Bibliophilia 100 literary postcards


The Bibliophilia postcards sport literary quotes from famous authors and come in 2 sets of 50 (keep one and send the others!). I like their minimalist look in black, white, and beige but their modern design is printed on heavy card stock so it won’t get torn up in the mail.

Picayune Pen | Postcards from Penguin

Postcards from Penguin

I may never send these! Each postcard has a famous book cover on one side. They’re printed on heavy card stock, too, and you receive 100 postcards of original Penguin book covers. Any book lover would love these if only to frame on their home library wall or decorate their favorite bookshelf.

Paddywax Travel Tin Candle

Picayune Pen | Gifts for Bookworms | Paddywack Mark Twain candle in a tinCan I wax poetic about these candles? See what I did there? Yeah. I’m on fire.

Okay, I’ll stop.

Seriously, though, I love these candles. I’ve got the Mark Twain scented travel tin sitting on my office desk as I write this. It’s smoky and vanilla-y and it makes the whole room smell good even unlit. My sister grabbed the Jane Austen one while we were at Vroman’s, the oldest bookstore in California, and I may never forgive her. Well, I might if she gets me the Edgar Allen Poe tin for Christmas.

Bring Your Own Book

Picayune Pen | Gifts for Bookworms | Bring Your Own Book game
It appears that a bunch of bookworms got together and answered that age-old question: How could we make reading interactive? And they came up with Bring Your Own Book. It’s a combination of reading a book in a group while playing a card game. And you have to read out loud according to what the card says, like “find a tabloid headline” or “dating advice”.

I can see this being a ton of fun, especially if the group is reading from a particular genre. I’m thinking Shakespeare or cookbooks. What’s not to love?

Treat Yo Shelves Pin

I found the ‘Treat Yo Shelves” wooden pin on Pinterest the other day and discovered there were about four different book themed pins. I did what any bookworm would do and shared them immediately with my friends, Clark and Chautona. The consensus was that they were adorable and all of us want one. I think I like the ‘Carpe Librum’ the best, though I’d be happy with any of them. Kit Cronk has a lot of great literary related gifts on her site, so take a minute to check her site out!

Typewriter Key Bookmark

This bookmark ticks off all my requirements: book-related and writing-related! Oh, and if you count writing letters on a typewriter, it even ticks the stationery snob box! The body of the bookmark is a black and red grosgrain ribbon, which should fit neatly between pages, and has a charm on end while the typewriter key is on the other. The Etsy shop owner can swap out the typewriter key for another if you want. Convo her to find out!

Book-inspired Perfumes and Colognes

Know a special someone who loves perfume or cologne and books? You’re in luck because there’s a scent for that. Seriously. These (mostly YA) book-inspired wearable scents by LiberdeStella on Etsy smell like you’d think your favorite book characters might. If they were a perfume, that is.

Oxford Comma T-Shirt

I love this t-shirt because I’m a big fan of the Oxford comma. It’s wonderful, useful, and necessary. Yep, I just did that.

And the wonderful people behind GrammaticalArt feel the same way because they not only created this fabulous grammar t-shirt but a bunch more. My other favorite t-shirt says ‘keeping it old school‘ and has a dip pen and ink well underneath the lettering.

So Many Gifts, So Little Time

Literary gifts abound for bookworms on the interwebs. And, if we’re a picky lot, this list should help narrow down something that the bookworm in your life would be happy to receive. I know I would be. But, if you don’t see something that your favorite bookworm might fancy, check out my Pinterest board for more gifts for bookworms that aren’t books.

Which book-related gift is your favorite? Tell me in the comments! 

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