How To Make Your Spirit Bright This Season With These 5 Christmas Collections

Why is it I’m always surprised that Christmas is around the corner again? It’s not like I don’t know it’s coming. But every year, I end up buying presents two days before Christmas day, running fifteen minutes late to Christmas church services, and stress out over it.

This year, I am determined to be early for the holidays so I can enjoy them, not dread them. I want to celebrate the birth of my Savior, not worry that my son’s gift hasn’t arrived yet. So, to kick start my “Christmas On Time” mindset, I’ll read Christmas novella collections to get an early start on the holiday season.

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I'll Be Home for Christmas Novella Collection

I’ll Be Home For Christmas: Four Inspirational Holiday Novellas

by Belle Calhoune, Jill Kemerer, Allie Pleiter, Lenora Worth

These four inspirational novellas focus on going home for Christmas. I remember those days. I even married my husband on December 20th (it’s 20 years this year!). Recommended as clean, Christian, holiday romances. Get your copy now!



Winter's Kiss Novella Collection

Winter’s Kiss

by Elaine Stock, Carole Towriss, Tanya Eavenson, Liwen Y. Ho, Laura Hilton, Ginger Solomon

“Six new heartwarming Christmas romances from best-selling Christian authors.” Highly recommended to me for people who enjoy Hallmark Christmas stories. Get your copy here.





A Very Austen Christmas Novella CollectionA Very Austen Christmas

by Robin Helm, Laura Hile, Wendi Sotis, and Barbara Cornthwaite

“Four favorite authors, four heartwarming stories set in Jane Austen’s Regency world. Robin Helm, Laura Hile, Wendi Sotis, and Barbara Cornthwaite revisit Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Mansfield Park to deliver the uplifting holiday storytelling you’re looking for.”

I haven’t read this one for two reasons: it just came out, and I found out it existed two seconds ago. But, I’m told the stories take place after Mansfield Park ends. So, if you’re a Jane Austen fan, this one is right up your alley so grab your copy now.



Out of the Blue Bouquet: Crossroads CollectionOut of the Blue Bouquet Novella Collection

by Hallee Bridgeman, Alana Terry, Carol Moncado, Chautona Havig, Amanda Tru

“Five of today’s Best-selling Christian Authors weave five unique yet connected stories together in this collection where misdirected floral deliveries lead to lives changed.”

A unique collection in that the stories aren’t random or just based on a single theme. And it includes Amazon and New York Times best selling authors. What’s not to love? Get the collection now!





Wonderland Wishes Novella CollectionWonderland Wishes

by Lynnette Bonner, Jan Cline, Kathleen Freeman, Chautona Havig, Lesley Ann McDaniel, Sylvia Stewart

This one is on my list because I got to sit through Chautona’s plotting and planning of her story for this collection. The fact that it has a four and half star rating doesn’t hurt either. Go read it now!



Making Spirits Bright: Christmas Lights Collection 2017Making Spirits Bright: Christmas Lights Collection 2017

by Chautona Havig, April Hayman, Cathe Swanson, Toni Shiloh

I know I’ve already given you five collections, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t add in this collection, especially since I’m one of the authors! Each of our stories revolves around ‘making spirits bright.’ For me, that was a happy ending for a newly wed couple but each of us took that theme and incorporated it into our stories. Our stories focus why we celebrate Christmas, not why the world does. Get your copy today!




How To Make Your Spirit Bright This Season With These 5 Christmas Collections - Get in the holiday mood with five sets of Christmas novellas, full of love, romance, and mystery!

So much reading, so little time.

On one hand, it’s thirty stories. On the other, they’re novellas. Either way, I’ll have plenty of reading to get me ready for the holidays. Of course, I run the danger of being late for everything because I’m reading, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Are you?

Tell me what holiday books you’re reading down in the comments! 

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