#WriteAStoryChallenge – January 2017 Edition

You know what the best thing about a new year is? A fresh start! If you’ve never participated before or just thought about it, now’s the time to get started with #writeastorychallenge.

Not sure if you’re up to writing a story? No problem! Use the prompts for journal writing or free writing. Actually, all that’s required is that you have fun and keep on writing!

Join us in January as we write a story, once scene at a time!

How to Play #writeastorychallenge

Here’s how to you to play along for the Write A Story Challenge – January Edition:

  1. Each day use the prompt word and write one to three sentences that includes it. How you use the prompt in your scene is up to you!
  2. Post your newest scene to Instagram or to Facebook.
  3. Use the hashtag #writeastorychallenge.
  4. Tag us so we can cheer you on!

By the end of the month you’ll have a short story of approximately 1,000 to 1,500 words.

Wait! What if I don’t like that day’s prompt? No problem! Substitute it with one of the Bonus Words. But there’s a catch (isn’t there always): you can only substitute a daily prompt up to ten times without repeats.

Ready? Set. Write!

Grab Your Printable

Grab your printable below. It includes all the daily prompts and bonus words. And, because we love you, there are three different downloads for you to add to your bullet journal, filofax, journal, etc. ! Just click on your preferred size and download to your computer.

11 thoughts on “#WriteAStoryChallenge – January 2017 Edition”

  1. April, what a delightful way to start the new year! I shared it on my Facebook to see if any of my writing friends may be interested, including two of our grown daughters.

    May I print copies of this for the homeschool students I teach in my creative writing classes? I know one young lady, a junior, who will have a blast trying this! Her current short story project includes a series of stories about the travel adventures of two young women. I challenged her to make each story stand alone, but to also leave a hint of mystery pulling the reader to check out the next one. We will see what happens!

    Actually, maybe emailing her one word each day, so she can’t see the ones to come, would prove more intriguing… 😉 I already decided to approach the project that way myself, keeping my eyes from looking over the entire calendar.

    This reminds me of some fun writing exercises I did during the homeschool years with our youngest, Faith, now 21. We would play Scrabble, listing each word placed on the board in our special notebooks, including changes to the word through added letters. (I found notebooks with Scrabble tiles on the cover!) After the game ended, which Faith won way too often, we wrote short stories which included every one of the words! What great times! We sometimes went to our “writing trees” at our local state park, laughing as we shared our stories. Mine stood alone, but Faith’s continued each in an ongoing saga of a family, a father relating stories of each of his many sons.

    God blessed those years with ideas and creativity, which we used to the max! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

    PS: (don’t see that often anymore…) I only have a laptop, with no “hashtag” availability (no cell, etc., not even service in our area). Is there a way I can see the others stories as they develop through your website? Thanks again!

    1. Sorry, wasn’t able to respond to the postscript before church services began! That’s a great question and one I’d already been thinking about. I think what I’ll do is post weekly all those that I find with the hashtag #writeastorychallenge and list them in a separate post. I’ll make sure to link to that post on Facebook. Does that work for you?

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