#WriteAStoryChallenge On Hiatus Until August

Hello, my litterateurs! Due to unforeseen¬†circumstances, Chautona and I have decided to take a break during July. We’ll be back in August with some #writeastorychallenge is hot!hot#writeastorychallenge is hot!new prompts for you, though. Until then, here are few things you can do until then:

  • choose a previous month’s prompt and use them to write a new story
  • randomly choose three to four prompts and use them to write a blog post
  • edit one of your completed stories
  • join in Camp NaNoWriMo¬†and write that story you started but never finished

Chautona and I will still be around; so feel free to give us a shout out on Instagram (April and Chautona) or Facebook (April and Chautona). Also, if you’ve been following along on our podcast, Alive and Writing, we’re taking a break there too and will be posting again in August. C.R. Rowenson is posting on his blog and if you are into magic systems – and who isn’t? – check out his series, Building Marvelous Magic.

Until August,


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